Construction Projects without the Headaches

There’s a seemingly endless amount of potential problems on a construction project. You have to manage contractors, handle invoices, and make sure everything is running smoothly. On top of that, you have to solve every problem - large or small - that comes your way.

Creed Development removes all of the worry. We handle everything, so all you have to do is wait for us to hand you the keys to your new turnkey development.

We’ve managed hundreds of millions of dollars in development services since we opened in 2014. Whether you need commercial or residential development, Creed is here to help.

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Keep Your Project Running on Time

Construction Project Management

How often is the estimated end date of a project the actual end date? It seems like the only constant in construction is delays.

Creed has a decade of experience handling contractors. We source bids for your project from a wide range of contractors, so we get you the best value for your money.

You’ll never have to handle billing on your own, either. We receive all contractor invoices and validate them. We never let a contractor bill you for work that isn’t completed.

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Your Project is Covered by Our Insurance

All of our projects carry a 2 million dollar commercial liability insurance policy. We always have more insurance coverage than we need to make sure all issues are paid out properly.

Don’t worry about accidents costing you extra money - Creed Development has you covered with the policy we carry.

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Use as Many of Our Services as You Need

Creed is a fractional development services company.

You can use our entire suite of construction management services, and we’ll hand you a finished product.

Don’t need all of our services? Not a problem. Use as few or as many of our services as you need.

If you need consulting work, project management, contractor sourcing, or any other construction-related service, we handle that.

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Ready to start on your next project? Whether it’s commercial or residential, Creed is ready to handle it.

When you need your construction project handled flawlessly, contact Creed Development.