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We Help You Find the Right Land to Buy

You don’t have to currently own property to work with us. If you’re ready to invest, we will help find the right property for your specific needs.

  • Market Entry Analysis

    Creed will evaluate your plans and help you determine which market you should pursue based on your budget, current competition, and your land’s potential for development.

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  • Field Validation

    Field validation gives you our opinion of costs you're likely to encounter. This opinion includes every cost you could expect to incur during the development process.

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  • Site Selection

    Creed Development uses cutting-edge software to find the best land for you to buy based on your budget and goals.

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We Find Investors for You

Do you know which corporations can develop on your land? We do. Not every piece of land can be developed by every corporation.

You could look around and try to find interested investors yourself, but that takes time, and you risk getting undervalued bids on your property.

Creed Development conducts void analyses to determine which companies would be eligible to invest in your land. Once we determine that, we offer you a sheet of options.

With our help, you can try to negotiate a higher value for your land than you would on your own.

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Cutting Edge Data Analysis

Creed uses state-of-the-art cognitive data analytics software to help you select the perfect site.

You’ll never have to worry about choosing the wrong piece of land to invest in. Our advanced software helps you manage risk and identify investment opportunities.

For national brands with 15+ locations, our software uses AI technology to give you a prediction of your new franchise’s expected profits.

No matter what industry you’re looking to develop land for, Creed has the tools you need to make the most informed, data-driven decision possible.

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Contact Creed About Land Development

Whether you’ve got a piece of land ready for development or you’re just looking to get into the market, contact Creed Development. We’ve been developing properties since 2014, and we’ve managed hundreds of millions of dollars in that time.